Kwamina Akwa

Kwamina is responsible for overseeing the creative direction, strategic focus and leadership of the firm. He is a vastly experienced professional in the fields of design, project management, contract administration and construction. He is actively involved in all the firm’s projects from the conceptual, planning and design phase to construction.

Kwamina earned a Bachelor of Science in Architecture degree with first honors and the highest scholastic average from Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His personal honors include the Diamond Award , Architecture Award and the Sol Feinstone Leadership award from the same university.


Hasiah Belloe

Hasiah is an exceptionally skilled designer with a keen practice interest in materiality and sustainable technologies. Her role as project designer includes distilling complex conceptual theories and ideas into vivid and engaging architectural presentations for our clients. She has been responsible for some of the firm’s most innovative design solutions.

Hasiah graduated summa cum laude with a Master of Architecture degree and a Bachelor of Science in Architecture degree from the University of Idaho in the United States, where she was the recipient of the Tradition Keepers Gold Award and other numerous honors.

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