About Us

We are a full service and inter-disciplinary Design-Build, Construction, Development and Consulting firm. We provide a cost effective and streamlined project delivery service structure by offering both design and construction as a one-stop in-house service. We are experts in creating a collaborative and synergized atmosphere where our team and clients work together to explore ideas to create unique and cherished projects.

Our design philosophy revolves around embracing the myriad opportunities inherent in nature and seamlessly integrating these elements into the built environment. We create architecture that appeals to the cultural sensibilities and ideals of the African spirit. Architecture that espouses sustainability as a fundamental consideration in the design process; encouraging the incorporation of wind and solar energy to achieve near or net –zero buildings.

We resist all proclivities to engage in the mundane, rather through research we uncover innovative design processes, techniques, construction methods and materials . Our unique approach ensures that we deliver great design and high quality construction projects.

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